Our mission is clear

To support Health Professionals to deliver safe and quality care to patients.

Our Values

As a team of highly expert clinicians and managers in a world class healthcare system, we have strong ethics and we engage to support Health Professionals in offering their patients quality and safe care.
We support them in setting up and developing quality systems at their work place and we offer continuous professional development and latest technological solutions.

Our Mission

To support Health Professionals to deliver safe and quality care to patients.

Founder & Director

Ahmed Chekairi

"For Better Health has truly an ethical mission. My involvement in it allows me to make large scale improvements in people health"

FOR BETTER HEALTH (FBH) Morocco, provides wide range of medical and health services by highly qualified doctors and health professionals. Clinicians who have invaluable and wide experience in the British Health Service have established FBH.

FBH offers consultancy in health quality and patient safety. We work with you to establish systems and processes necessary to offer your patients best care and allows you to obtain International accreditation.

FBH also offers Continuous Professional Development for health professionals. We have expertise in delivering clinical and leadership training programmes to doctors and nurses.

FBH assists you in acquiring the latest Information Technology solutions that assists you in delivering quality care, while maximizing your efficiency.

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