Ethical principles guide all healthcare practices including change movement. Change in healthcare should be introduced with the need of patients as its main focus and the provision of a high-quality service as its goal.

A service of acceptable quality should satisfy a number of criteria:

  1. It must do what the customer wants and needs it to do;
  2. It must be reliable;
  3. It must represent good value for money.

Contrary to many industries, patient care is expected to be of high quality. Apart from side effects and known complications of an intervention; this is expected to be right first time and every time.

"You may take your car for an annual service
You discover when you drive back home the car was swerving and it is difficult to control its balance. You decide to take is back to the Mechanics for a checkup, The Mechanics find out there was a problem with the tyres alignments that he forgot to check and address. He apologies to you, he corrects the problem and offers a discount on the service You drive your car away."

"If a patient goes for an operation on his right knee
But, for whatever reason surgeon operate on the left knee.
The surgeon may apologies and offer a compensation But, the damage to the knee is not repairable. The patient may not be able to walk again!"

Quality management has, both in practice and in the theoretical consideration of it, gone through an impressive development. There is hardly any management philosophy that is as much adopted by companies as quality management.

Quality management requires that organisations have to make visible to the outside world that they are doing the right things and are doing them in the right way.

Our approach is aimed to improve patient care, prevent complications and aid staff work. Ensuring that news systems have an impact on the patients’ outcome would be difficult to examine. However, our approach is to work with Clinicians to ensure the patient is in the heart of what we do.  Embedding learning systems enable organization and staff to maintain and improve quality.