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At ‘For Better Health’, we work with you in finding the right opportunity of investment, assist you in setting up your business and ensuring the right direction of growth. Our team of experts have invaluable experience in healthcare sector in Morocco and abroad. They also have the expertise to bring in to Morocco some of the most popular franchises in the world.

Despite on-going political uncertainties and rising cost pressures, the global healthcare industry has registered a stable growth rate in 2018 and crossed the $1.85 trillion mark in terms of manufacturer revenues. This growth curve is expected to continue in 2019 as technologies and platform solutions that promote innovation around care quality, outcomes, and chronic disease management will continue to rise. High growth opportunities in emerging markets will change the paradigms of product development and geographic rollouts.

The Frost & Sullivan Healthcare and Life Sciences experts are predicting big disruptions, transformations and innovations in the coming years as the healthcare industry continues to overhaul outmoded business models

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In Morocco, the Health sector has been shaken up since non-doctors’ investors have been allowed to invest in Healthcare 3 years ago. Recently, King Mohammed VI addressed the possibility of “opening some sectors and jobs which are currently unlicensed for foreigners in the health sector,” with the condition that they share their professional expertise to benefit the country’s youth and increase employment opportunities in all sectors.

In recent years, the King has put business expansion and diplomacy across Africa at the centre of Morocco’s development strategy. A new survey by Ernest and Young shows South Africa and Morocco sharing the crown as the continent’s top foreign direct investment destinations, attracting 96 FDI projects each in 2017.

An investment in Morocco opens up doors to Africa. The Country has one of the most developed transport infrastructures in Africa. It recently acquired the highest speed train ‘Al Boraq’ in Africa. The national airline, Royal Air Maroc, fly to most capitals in Africa than any worldwide airline. The opportunity for medical Tourism is enormous.

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