London Gynaecology & Maternity Care

Gynaecology & Maternity Care Clinic is a private practice specialising in obstetrics, gynaecology and infertility. they offer comprehensive and convenient women’s healthcare.


The Problem

London GMC was facing regular issues with their computer systems that were left without updates and support with reliable security solutions. The hardware was outdated and very slow to respond to the new medical software requirement. Speed was an issue and managing tasks took longer than normal.

The email system was hosted in the USA in a shared server envirnoment and offered very little storage and basic spam filtering system.

The Solution

The Challenge

We faced a challenge installing up to date reliable security and business email applications. After the audit with the management staff, we concluded the following factors were  a cause for implementing the solutions:

  • Windows version was no longer supported by Microsoft; and
  • Low storage space in computers.


We Made

The customer was offered new and high spec computers:

  • A backup was taken for their existing data
  • New computers setup and configured
  • Latest Microsoft Office 2016 were installed
  • Security and monitoring software was installed and configured.
  • The customer was offered Office 365 and all of their emails were migrated from US-based servers to the EU.
  • Customer's data was restored and made accessible from Online SharePoint.

After sale services

Regular IT support maintenance 
Office 365 and Azure management

"Thank you for continuing to lead this innovative and popular programme"