Hôpital Universitaire

The Problem

A newly built Hospital was opened 3 years ago in Morocco. It catered for secondary and tertiary care. However, it quickly reached its capacity as the number of beds was only 250 and there was little day surgery activity. The Hospital was initially built with the intention to deliver day surgery care, but it had only 8 beds.

The Director sought our advice and expertise from us to help solve the problem of capacity and increase the activity of day surgery.

The Solution

We initially carried out a diagnostic study and we produced a report that we presented to the Director. The report described the then state, the challenges and offered to develop new day care surgery service. We based our standard on models in developed countries where day surgery constitutes at least 75% of all surgical activity.

Day surgery has many benefits to patients because it allows quicker recovery, less Hospital acquired infection and cheaper. It is also beneficial for the Hospital as it reduces its cost and increases productivity.

We ensured we carried out wide stakeholder exercise and we formed a working group within the Hospital. We particularly carried out a value stream mapping by following step by step of patient’s journey from entry till discharge home.

We piloted our project with two surgeons from two different specialities and we run the project over 6 months. In the end, we managed to have a patient’s pathway specific for day surgery, we trained nursing staff to deliver days surgery care, we produced a patient’s passport that inform patient about ‘do’ and ‘do not’ instruction before and after surgery and we wrote many administrative procedures and clinical protocols.

The activity of day surgery in the Hospital swiftly picked up and patient positively embraced the new practice.