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Faced with a more sophisticated patient, the user of new technologies and quest for information, the medical website must both provide answers and be the vector of your institutional communication.

For Better Health Morocco has a real information portal dedicated to your activity, your establishment, your brand, your clinic or your practice, the medical website becomes the indispensable tool to inform, direct the patient's traffic to the appropriate service and to make an appointment. Today the medical sector tends to a favorable communication context. By providing our strategic thinking on the creation of your website, our web designers develop your visual identity in a coherent and impacting way.

Medical health communication for relevant actions in the service of health actors

From the development of website and app to editing adapted content, For Better Health offers a creative strategy that stands out for healthcare professionals or patients.

FBH Morocco accompanies you for the conception, the realization and the follow-up of your health site:

  • For a better information of your patients on the techniques that you use and on the different pathologies.
  • For a better visibility of your activity on the net: direct access to your details and a description of your activity
  • To provide advice, publish rehabilitation exercise cards to practice after an operation or between two therapy sessions, etc.

Our team e-marketing specialists, we put in place a strategy for optimal positioning of your medical website, while achieving:

  • Analyzing your activity and the target audience
  • Identify and choice of keywords
  • Identify of objectives and performance indicators
  • Submission to directories and search engines regular follow-up

Reasons why we are one of the most effective companies in creating and referencing website in the health field:


The security of your site against hacking and Google penalties is our first priority.


Our support team accompanies clients every day to help them accomplish their mission.


Our team monitors every day the quality of your site to make it more accessible and more visible.


We optimize your site to make it faster to load, and appealing to search engines.

360˚ IT Support Solutions.

Fast Response

With FBH, you can expect fast response and resolutions to server, computer or technology issues. Whether your solution requires an on-site visit or can be resolved via remote means, solving your issue quickly and accurately is our goal.

Help Desk / Client Solutions Center

Every client has access to the FBH Client Solutions Center where we have a team of experts ready to answer your call for support or technology related questions. Fast support and solutions are just a click or phone call away.

On Site Presence and Support

As a larger practice, some on-site support will be needed possibly even full-time support. Based on your needs, a member of our I.T. support team can be dispatched or scheduled on-site to support your practice full or part-time. We will work with you to customize a solution that fits your practices’ needs as well as your budget.

EHR and Practice Management Expertise

Regardless of your EHR status, our team of EHR experts can help you with EHR transitioning and selection, implementation, training or support.

Proactive Support

Our Practice Guard service monitors your servers, desktops and servers, and I.T. systems 24/7/365. Alerts are received by our Wizard desk where we can work proactively to resolved issues in many instances before you may even know there is a problem. Our focus on being proactive reduces or prevents downtime within your practice which increases productivity and reduces frustration for your team.

Computer Hardware

When hardware upgrades or purchases are required, we can help you select and order the right equipment to fit your practice. Whether you need servers, laptops or notebooks, desktops, printers or other equipment, For Better Health will help you to make the right choice for your needs and your budget.

Technology Planning

Whether planning for expansion, backup and recovery or just managing your technology budget, FBH  is like having your very own CIO on your staff…. without the 6 figure salary!

Security and Anti-virus Protection

Industry leading virus and spyware protection are included with Practice Pro so that every computer in your practice is protected. No more expensive license renewals every year for every computer